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We want to provide world class instruction in every classroom, because students deserve it.

XR Programs

XR Mathematics + XR Reading 
Full-time Teaching Positions by Licensed Professionals

We recognize the growing teacher shortage and understands how stressful this is for schools, teachers, and most importantly, students.

We are able to hire quality individuals to fill vacant positions at the K-12 grade levels in any school corporation.

These individuals, who are trained and employed by Crossroads, deliver high quality instruction while creating a supportive environment for students.

Program Option: Elite 
Virtually delivered, per student Accelerated Math Program
Program Option: Remediate 
Virtually delivered, per student Remediation Program

We understand students have a wide variety of abilities. XR Elite provides an unbounded mathematics program for your most advanced and driven students to challenge the way they interact with the subject.

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XR Remediate pinpoints ways to provide access to students for remediation and standardized test preparation. It is common for students to have gaps in their understanding of necessary requirements for these examinations. XR Remediate will provide curriculum and practice to improve math proficiency.

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COMING SOON: XR SpecialEd, XR World Language, XR Computer Science, XR Creative, XR Engineering, XR ELA

Ingredients for Success:

Full Time Onsite XR Coach

Hired and trained by Crossroads, XR Coaches alleviate your school corporation's stressors.

Blended Learning Environment

We have built a blended learning program and curriculum that offers five access points to learning mathematical concepts. We are standards-aligned for State standards with sophisticated on-demand individual student performance tracking. We do not base our methods on lecture. 

XR Blended Learning Platform

XR is an instructional guidance system (IGS) that optimizes student outcomes by building student learning profiles daily and scheduling a blend of personalized learning activities for each individual student. XR accomplishes this by using big data, machine learning, and software to automate the collection and analysis of data to build the profiles of each student. Using these profiles, XR uses machine learning and scheduling algorithms to place students in the right activity at the right time.

Mathspace + BookNook

Among the innovative platforms we use to provide our learning resources

Professional Online Tutoring

One of Crossroads' expertise, included in all XRT programs

Schools with XR Programs:
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