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XR Mathematics

We believe the well-being of our teachers is directly connected to student well-being and achievement.


XR Mathematics attracts high-quality teacher talent whom we support with a proven delivery system that improves their well-being and instructional effectiveness.

We prioritize our educators' well-being by providing a team of support, innovative technology, and consistent, actionable data on student growth.

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Problems We Solve for Schools:

1. Math teacher vacancies and retention

2. Inconsistent and/or low-quality math instruction

3. Insufficient data usage in instruction

4. Student credit recovery

If your school has one or more of these problems, XR Mathematics could be a solution for your school.

Interested in having XR Mathematics at your school? Fill out our intake form and we'll reach out!

Ingredients for Success:

People—We hire and train top-quality individuals which we call XR Coaches and equip them with training on the XR program while providing back office support for them to be successful in the classroom.

Blended Learning—We have built a blended learning program that offers at least five access points to learning mathematical concepts. We are standards-aligned for State standards with sophisticated on-demand individual student performance tracking.


Adaptive Curriculum for MasteryWe stay on top of the latest trends in curriculum and always source the most data rich online curriculums that best support blended learning. 

Professional Online Tutoring—We provide virtual tutoring support in the classroom for all of our programs so students can receive individual support from content experts during school.



The information below is an outline of the most common frequently asked questions about the XR Mathematics program. If you would like to move forward with XR Mathematics after reviewing this outline, please feel free to fill out this form, and we will take care it from there. However, if you have any questions that we do not cover, please let us know!

1. Why is it called XR Mathematics?
XR stands for “Crossroads,” not to be confused with “Extended Reality,” an advanced level of Virtual Reality technology. We use XR to represent the Crossroads brand, but also to communicate an advanced technological approach to instruction.

2. What is XR Mathematics? Is it a service or a staffing agency?
XR Mathematics is a tech enabled service developed by Crossroads Education that provides schools with high quality educators and math instruction, for both core and remediation, using a data driven blended learning model.

With XR Mathematics, schools can hire Crossroads Education to manage and operate their mathematics course and departments. The onsite and virtual educators are hired, trained, and employed by Crossroads Education.

3. What is Blended Learning?
Blended learning is a popular topic today in education; however, it is difficult to find a consensus on the definition. XR Mathematics defines blended learning as an approach to instruction that uses several types of learning activities, both virtual and in-person, to create a personalized learning experience for each student. The goal of XR Mathematics is to expose students to activities in which they learn best. Below are the current experiences XR Mathematics exposes students to:


4. What grade levels does XR Mathematics serve?
XR Mathematics is currently serving Grades 5-12. We believe in the future we will have the capability to serve elementary grades, however, at this time the program has been designed for middle school and high school grade levels.

5. Does Crossroads Education provide services for other content areas?
Currently, we are focused on Grades 5-12 mathematics which is our strength. However, we are actively researching other content areas such as literacy and computer science. While we do not have an off-the-shelf offering for these other subjects like we do math, we are open to discussing the opportunity to run an XR pilot of these subject areas for an interested client.

6. Where is XR Mathematics available?
XR Mathematics is currently available throughout the state of Indiana. We are working as far north as Gary, IN, and as far south as Austin and Crothersville, IN.

7. What models does XR Mathematics have available? What problems do they address?
XR Mathematics currently has three models available that have been developed to solve a variety of problems for schools.

Model Type Reason for Use
XR Mathematics Core • Lack of available quality educators for core instruction
• Inconsistent instruction year over year
• Strategic and data-driven
• To address student learning loss
• Desire for quality blended learning
• Desire to lead in innovation
XR Mathematics Xcel • Student learning loss and credit recovery
• Over-reliance on technology with current and/or previous remediation programs
• Strategic and data-driven
XR Mathematics Virtual Tutoring • Virtual only support focused on strategic intervention
• Need a short-term solution for learning loss that is still strategic, and data-driven
• Additional content support for classroom teachers



8. What is included in each model?

Scope XR Math Core XR Math Xcel XR Math Virtual Tutoring
Full-Time Onsite Instructor x x -
Licensed Instructors (if required) x - -
Recruiting/Retention/HR x x x
Adaptive Curriculum (Mathspace) x x x
College/Career Engagement (ChatterHigh) x x -
Core Instruction x - -
Blended Learning x s s
Summer School x x -
Virtual Tutoring Support x s x
Back Office Management and Data Support x x x
Professional Development and Training x x x
(x) = included; (s) = included, but at a lower level than (x); (-) = not included

9. What is the maximum cohort and class size for each model?

Model Max Cohort per XR Coach Class Size
XR Mathematics Core 125 25 or less preferred
XR Mathematics Xcel 125* 10 or less preferred
XR Mathematics Virtual Tutoring No Limit 20 or less preferred
*Dependent on schedule and how many weekly hours with each student

10. Will XR Mathematics match the instructional style of our other classrooms?
XR Mathematics’ instructional style is based on a specialized blended learning approach developed by Crossroads Education. We implement daily routines and structures across all XR Math classrooms to ensure quality service and the most effective practices within our system. As a service provider, our client’s feedback is very important to us in continuously improving the outcomes of our blended learning model. We educate our clients on what to look for when visiting an XR Math classroom so they may provide us with constructive feedback on our model.

11. What curriculum does XR Mathematics use and why?
Crossroads Education routinely conducts research on the most innovative and standard-based curriculum for mastery on the market. To optimize the XR Mathematics blended learning model, we select adaptive curriculums based on the quantity and quality of data they can provide. We would love to meet and discuss in more detail our approach to curriculum and specific curriculums we use.

12. How does XR Mathematics grade students?
Consistent with our selected standards-based curriculum, XR students are assessed/graded using Standards Mastery-Based Grading. Our XR Coaches begin instruction with predetermined state standards. Student learning is measured by their individual growth in relation to their progress and mastery of those standards. Toward the goal of building a community of learners, we also make room in our grading scale for measuring values such as self-advocacy, communication, participation, and teaching others. While we use a proprietary blend of metrics, we recognize the need to coordinate with your school to provide needed alignment with your overall grading structure.

13. How long does it take to launch XR Mathematics?
We have been able to launch as quickly as 2 weeks, but on average after executing a contract, it takes about 4-5 weeks to launch XR Mathematics in full. Below is the breakdown of the timeline:

  • Hiring/Placement of XR Coach: 3 weeks
  • Train and Onboarding XR Coach: 2 weeks
  • In parallel, our back office team will engage with you to:
    • Collect all pertinent student data and complete the client onboarding process
    • Provide virtual tutoring to students from content experts

14. How does Crossroads recruit its XR Coaches? Does the school have final approval?
Over the years Crossroads Education has developed a diversified talent pipeline. The first step of the hiring process is to identify any unique cultural characteristics regarding our school client to make sure we search for a good fit. We always start with the immediate community before searching outside the community, which may include existing personnel of our school client. After Crossroads selects the best candidate for the XR Coach position, the candidate will be introduced to the school Client for final approval.

15. Are XR Coaches certified teachers?
Depending on the requirements of the school, XR Coaches can be licensed in the State of Indiana. For instance, it is common for licensure to be a requirement in XR Math Core. We hire individuals with bachelor’s degrees for XR Math Core and can immediately apply for emergency state teacher licenses. For the long-term solution, we have partnered with organizations and universities to fast-track long-term licensure. Our XR Math Xcel Coaches and XR Virtual Tutors typically are not licensed or required to be.

16. Does Crossroads perform background checks on its personnel?
Yes, we use the Background Investigation Bureau to perform comprehensive and thorough background checks for all our XR Coaches and XR Virtual Tutors.

17. Will the onsite XR Coaches participate in non-classroom faculty assignments?
One of the most exciting aspects of our work is becoming a part of vibrant school communities. For this reason, we are motivated to ensure the XR Coach employed by Crossroads Education be perceived as part of the school community. This at times may include things like adopting additional tasks at the school or facilitating extra-curricular activities. However, we ask a lot of our coaches, and to ensure our XR Coaches success we spend several hours a week out of the classroom planning with our coaches, reviewing data, and training. While we can say for certain our XR Coaches will participate in non-classroom faculty assignments, we are intentional about reviewing and establishing the expectations with our clients beforehand.