Crossroads Education is led by a team of experts from industry, technology, and all levels of education. We aim to improve learning outcomes for all students by advancing innovation equitably in education across the United States.



We believe in a future where all students have equitable access to a personalized education that provides them with what they need, when, where, and how they need to learn best.



Elevating Students
Deep within our DNA we believe in the opportunity for all students to self-determine, think critically, and succeed. We believe students hold a knowledge base within themselves and when elevated, students can take their education into their own hands and teach each other. 

Prioritizing Equity
When disadvantaged by geography, race, history, cultural barriers or disaster, we passionately focus on finding and scaling solutions that can elevate the course of these students’ learning and change the course of our educational systems.

Transformational Model
We fundamentally believe new strategies and ideas, from homegrown innovators and, even students, can deliver the breakthroughs necessary to create progress on the scale our education system demands. 

Relentless Innovation
Science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) change the trajectory of education. We apply these concepts to defining problems, unlocking solutions and measuring outcomes for our service delivery model and programs.                            

Advanced Mathematics & Scientific Instruction
Advanced knowledge and experience – as mathematicians, scientists and technologists – drives us and creates the core of Crossroads Education work. 

Open Collaboration
Solutions demand collaboration and creativity from everyone. As the catalyst for new solutions, Crossroads Education works with solvers and partners, and aligns ideas with resources to create scale, take action and deliver measurable results for our education system.