Crossroads Learning Commons 


We believe students learn best when they’re 

working together.

The Crossroads Learning Commons (LC) is a physical space inside a school that facilitates collaboration among students. It operates during the school day, is run by students trained to be peer-tutors, and is supported by a professional called the Learning Commons Director. 

How it 


LC Director

The Learning Commons Director (LCD) is a Crossroads employee provided to your school to run your Learning Commons program. The LCD is responsible for training students to be effective peer tutors, teaching students how to use the technology in the space, and for facilitating a supportive culture and environment for student learning. They also help track student visits and set the tutor schedules, which provides insightful data on student engagement.

lcdirector (1)

Peer Tutors

The LC is run primarily by peer-tutors. Working closely with teachers, the LCD identifies students that would excel in your peer-tutoring program and then trains each tutor in skills like asking the right questions, engaging in active listening, and having a growth mindset. By utilizing the talent that students have, Crossroads helps passionate students gain work experience while giving other students who need assistance access to a broader range of help. Peer-tutors typically excel in their ability to connect and show empathy to other students.

Collaborative Space

The LC is a tech-enabled collaboration space in your school that we design and build. The space is equipped with whiteboard tables and walls, large touchscreens, soft seating, and learning tools chosen specifically to encourage a collaborative and comfortable learning environment for students.

Every LC comes with our virtual whiteboard software Nexus, allowing your students to continue collaborating from anywhere. 


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Schools with LCs:

Muncie, Bloomington, Lafayette
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