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We research, incubate, and fast-track disruptive ideas into sustainable business models.

Our focus is on solving the hard problems in education—both in and out of the classroom; foundational and systemic problems that involve:  












These problems prevent passionate school leaders from achieving a vision of equitable learning for their students.

Companies that We've Incubated:



XR Technologies attracts high-quality teacher talent whom we support with a proven delivery system that improves their well-being and instructional effectiveness.

We prioritize our educators' well-being by providing a team of support, innovative technology, and consistent, actionable data on student growth.



We are a nonprofit that focuses on providing equity and access for students, educators, and the community.

For the past several years, the Crossroads Education Foundation has been committed to removing barriers that prevent quality and equitable teaching and learning environments.

We believe that we deliver the difference for educational success.


A collaboration between CRE + NEXT Studios.

We are a partnership of experienced entrepreneurs and subject matter experts in education who help visionaries shape their education-focused ideas, craft them through a repeatable process, and move them forward with capital and talent.

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Moments to Momentum

April 14, 2021

Dr. Kevin Berkopes is an unapologetic disruptor, educator, and inventor-- he believes human ecosystems change for the better through entrepreneurship. He and his teams have relentlessly pursued a new system for education that answers THE question of our generation: How do we achieve equitable access to high-quality education and resources for all children?

Learning Commons at R.J. Baskett Middle School

January 16, 2020

Students like that it is different from a ‘normal classroom,’ and they enjoy being in the LC with kids they do not usually see during the day. 

40 ideas: Improve lives with data by making Indy a ‘smart’ city

December 26, 2020

"But, perhaps there is a different way of thinking about these smart-community infrastructure projects in regards to how they can improve the resilience of our community."

Cathedral High School students connect with mentoring program

September 19, 2020

Students at Cathedral High School are leaning on their teachers and each other to learn during this pandemic.

Crossroads Education has teamed up with the high school to offer a peer-to-peer mentor program before and after school hours.

Crossroads Partners with NEXT Studios

September 18, 2020

COVID-19 has drastically changed how students learn, especially those eLearning at home. Crossroads Education has partnered with NEXT Studios to create Crossroads Learning Pods, a new tool to help families manage the challenges of juggling working from home, childcare, and eLearning.

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